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Aqua-Barrier Rental Services

The Aqua-Barrier can help your business in multiple ways, depending on your exact need. This versatile cofferdam is a durable, very effective form of water management used as a construction accessory, a method of flood control, or even a water storage tank. Regardless of your needs for water control, the Aqua-Barrier can probably help you out.

Buying an Aqua-Barrier also costs far less than building a concrete cofferdam or stacking sandbags to hold back water. But not everyone wants to buy an inflatable cofferdam. Maybe it will only be used once, or maybe they just can’t wait long enough for a new one to be shipped. Whatever the case, there’s another option available: renting an Aqua-Barrier!

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Time-Sensitive Projects

Have you ever found yourself in a project that needed to be completed very quickly? Alternatively, maybe you need a flood control solution immediately for an upcoming tropical storm. Whatever the case, buying an Aqua-Barrier and waiting for it to arrive may not be an option. However, renting one removes most of your waiting time. HSI always keeps a supply of rental inflatable cofferdams in stock that can ship quickly. Speed up your project with a rented Aqua-Barrier!

Single-Use Projects

Even if you have plenty of time to spare, maybe you don’t think you’ll need a water-inflated cofferdam in the near future again. In that case, buying one and keeping it permanently may not be as cost-effective as just renting. Once you’re done, send the cofferdam back and you’re finished! Don’t worry about storing or reselling it yourself.

Pro Tip: If you’re renting the Aqua-Barrier for flood control, consider how often flooding happens in your region. You may end up preferring to buy an inflatable cofferdam if it’ll get used a lot.

Remove the Burden of Maintenance

If you don’t use the Aqua-Barrier too frequently or don’t have a convenient way to take care of it, renting one prevents you from having to care for and store your inflatable cofferdam once you’re done using it. Just send it back to HSI. Save yourself the time and maintenance trouble once your project is done!

Aqua-Barrier Rental for Busy Professionals

Whether you can’t afford a full purchase or simply won’t use the Aqua-Barrier that often, renting can be the perfect choice to save your business time and money on an inflatable cofferdam. Take advantage of the best water management technology on the market and keep your expenses well within your budget.

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