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Aqua Barrier: The Best Alternative to Sandbags for Flooding

When looking for the best alternatives to sandbags, you should first think of the Aqua Barrier. It provides sufficient flood protection for your properties. In addition, the inflated cofferdam comes with spongy internal baffles, which offer stability and safety on site. The Aqua Barrier does not allow water to leak past it, unlike the sandbags.

The Aqua Barrier is crucial to water construction projects such as bridge repairs, boat ramps, pipe crossings, and jetties. It can also help protect your commercial or business property from flooding. Materials used to manufacture the barriers guarantee consistent and steadfast performance in curbing floods.

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Saves Time and Money

Cheap labor necessities translate to substantial cost savings over time. Fortunately, the Aqua Barrier is three to five times faster to install compared to other dewatering options. Conversely, flooding solutions like sandbags need substantial time to fill the bags and build walls. They also require particular disposal after use, translating to extra costs. However, you can re-use the aqua barriers, helping you save more money.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

Aqua Barriers involve less human resources and bodily strain to install and remove than sandbags. This means that there will be few people on-site, rendering to fewer risks of injuries. Also, the barrier-making material is soft with no sharp edges that could be dangerous to plants and wildlife.

More Environmentally Friendly

Aqua Barriers are environmentally friendly compared to other old dewatering and flood stoppage methods. While sandbags require specific procedures for disposal, you can quickly deflate and store an Aqua Barrier for future use.

Dewatering a project site can destroy the local ecosystem and harm the wildlife if not correctly done. But when using the Aqua Barrier, nothing below the surface gets affected. That’s because the inflated dam sits on top of the surface.

Choosing the Aqua Barrier for Commercial Flood Protection

The Aqua Barrier is one of the most effective alternatives to sandbags as it can help you create a dry worksite seamlessly. With less labor, money, and time, the inflatable dams also get the job done more efficiently. For that reason, it’s the ideal choice to consider when looking for dewatering solutions for your construction project.

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