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Dewatering Your Worksite for Boat Ramp Construction & Repair

boat ramp constructionWant an edge on your competition when bidding on boat ramp construction projects? Boat ramps are best constructed on-site. However, the difficulty of working in the water makes dewatering the ramp area necessary for best results. Choosing the best dewatering method will shorten your construction time and may make the difference in winning more bids.

Traditional Options for Dewatering Your Worksite


Many rush to sandbags anytime water is a challenge to a construction project. This solution can work, but it also comes with some specific challenges that can mean more time and money. The bags will have to either be filled up with sand onsite or transported prefilled to the site. You will also have to manually place the bags in place. After all of that work, you will also still have the risk of water escaping through cracks.

Traditional Cofferdams

A traditional cofferdam will require the use of a retention pool to hold the displaced water until the project is complete. You will need time to set up the cofferdam. You will need additional time to create a space for the retention pool and to drain the water. It will require more money for tools and supplies as well.

The best way to construct the underwater section of a ramp is to cofferdam the ramp area, pump out the water, place (pour) and finish the ramp in the dray (cast-in-place.) This method provides the best horizontal and vertical control of the slab. (VA Game and Inland Fisheries)

Water-filled Cofferdam: The Smarter Option

The Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam is a water-filled solution that improves on traditional methods in several ways. This inflatable dam for boat ramp construction brings savings in both time and money. Consider the following:

Sophisticated Internal Baffle System

Our patented internal baffle system locks into place when the barrier is exposed to uneven water pressure. This allows the Aqua-Barrier® to be used in various ways to help prevent invasive waters from entering sensitive areas.

Quick and Easy to Install

This solution goes up quickly because the water does all the work. The very water you need to control is used to fill the cofferdam. This eliminates the need to transport fill material and reduces the time and effort needed to drain the water.

Forms Airtight Seal

Gone is the risk of water escaping through the cracks. An airtight seal is formed as the water fills the cofferdam, ensuring no water will get into the site during construction.

Molds to Physical Environment

Large boulders and uneven waterbeds will cause no delays in installation as the water forms to the environment without resistance.

Environmentally Friendly

Aqua-Barriers® are reusable and leave no environmental impact. This reduces product waste and saves money as they need not be replaced often.

Aqua-Barrier is Your Competitive Edge for Boat Ramp Construction & Repair

Simplify the dewatering process for your boat ramp construction projects with Aqua-Barrier®, a safe and cost-effective way to install a boat ramp. Why not enjoy savings in time and money and a boost to your competitive edge? Contact Us for more information on how a water filled cofferdam can help speed up your boat ramp construction or repair projects.

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