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Breaking Down the Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam Design

The best cofferdam design has an exclusive patented inner baffle system, resulting in a safe, stable, and adequate water control system. Thankfully, Aqua Barriers offer unique accessories to facilitate infield use. So if you want to lower your firm’s environment and still save money and time, an inflatable cofferdam is your best solution.

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The fitting and installation procedure for Aqua Barrier makes it ideal for stagnant and moving water. Since it doesn’t require heavy materials, your workers will face minimal injuries, hence fewer worker’s compensation claims. Now, let’s look at what makes the Aqua Barrier’s design very efficient in dewatering a worksite.


Freeboard is the distance between the highest point of a dam and the reservoir’s full supply level. You can only build a freeboard above the water levels. For the Aqua Barrier to work well, it should have at least 25 percent freeboard in an all water-filled cofferdam installation.

Additionally, the need for a freeboard may increase if the barrier is exposed. The freeboard is also essential when the barrier is likely to get exposed to high water velocities, smooth soil conditions, and other related hydrostatic conditions.

Internal Baffling System

An internal baffle system decreases pressure from the near water. This works by fluctuating the flow pattern of water. By doing so, the cofferdam gets locked into place to stop it from floating away. The internal baffle system also guarantees the cofferdam’s stability, making it more sturdy and environmentally friendly.

Surface Friction

Sometimes water comes with high pressure, which can lead to heavy damages if not stabilized. The water-inflated cofferdams use surface frictions to stabilize the bumpy hydrostatic pressures. Dams with weak soils need pipe support. Also, those with buildup soil conditions might need an extra freeboard, pipe support, or a wide footprint.

The Aqua Barrier has materials made from industrial-grade vinyl-coated polyester. The materials come laminated with a base of woven polyester between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride. That makes storage, handling, maintenance, and repair of the Aqua Barrier easy and fast.

An Effective Inflatable Cofferdam Design

Inflatable cofferdams are not long-term solutions to the destruction caused by water during construction in flood-prone zones. However, they are an outstanding alternative to a sheet pile or sandbags. You can also use various inflatable cofferdam designs as flood blocks in homes and close to water structures.

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