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Dewatering: Keep Your Pipeline Construction Worksite Dry

Pipeline construction projects involve a great deal of time, money and resources. Dedicated engineers, general contractors, project managers and construction crews work diligently to ensure the process is smooth and cost-effective.

However, construction sites located under water or in water logged areas present an interesting challenge. You have to keep the worksite dry in order to complete the project and ensure the safety of your team.

How do you Keep an Underwater Worksite dry?

A worksite that runs under a lake or other area of water will require dewatering to prepare the site before work can begin. Dewatering removes ground or surface water and has traditionally been done by pumping or using sandbags.

However, the pumping process can be costly and sandbags have proven to have their own set of issues, including a negative impact on the environment.

A Better Alternative for Dewatering

Fortunately, there is an environmentally-safe option available for keeping your pipeline construction site dry. The Aqua-barrier cofferdam has saved project managers hundreds of thousands of dollars in pumping costs with no environmental footprint!

How does the Aqua-barrier Cofferdam work?

The Aqua-barrier cofferdam is designed to withstand pressure and friction, even when exposed to uneven water pressure. Where sandbags are time-consuming to fill and lay, and pumping must be done repeatedly to keep the site dry, the cofferdam is easily set up in a matter of 2-3 hours, and remains steady throughout the course of the project.

An Aqua-barrier cofferdam is also an effective dewatering tool for underwater pipeline inspections. Eliminate the need for costly pumping and filthy sandbags and give the cofferdam a try.

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