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Easier Inflatable Bladder Dam Deployment

An inflatable bladder dam is already easier to deploy than conventional cofferdam methods. Now, it’s even easier. For dry land deployments, the EZ Roller System from Hydrological Solutions will save you time and money.

Inflatable Bladder Dam Deployment Simplified

As you are well aware, saving time in project completion translates to money savings too. Common tasks you do often represent opportunities for significant savings. Dewatering your worksite is a routine task that could translate to routine savings. The EZ Roller System can be used in all WIPP® deployments and only in dry land deployments of the Aqua-Barrier®. Improve your inflatable bladder dam deployment with the EZ Roller System in the following ways:

1) Much faster.

Your WIPP® or Aqua-Barrier® can be deployed on dry land in minutes with the EZ Roller. These significant time savings will translate to noticeable cost savings over time.

2) Much easier.

Deployable in just minutes, this can also be done with as little as 2 people. This simplifies deployment considerably and saves you man hours. Once your bladder dam is rolled up using the EZ Roller, it is also much easier to store.

3) More consistent.

The EZ Roller is designed with a double ratchet system which ensures you get an even roll every single time. This saves you the hassle of fixing bad rolls or having to redo it several times to get it right. Get it right the first time, every time.

Improve Your Project Efficiency

Every small improvement in project efficiency adds up to significant savings over time. The EZ Roller System from Hydrological Solutions not only improves your project efficiency but also saves you time and hassle. Make the EZ Roller System your dry land inflatable bladder dam deployment method today!

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