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A Faster Dewatering Solution for Pipeline Construction and Repair

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to dewater your worksite for pipeline construction and repair? It’s likely you have spent some time researching and are looking for the fastest dewatering solution available. Whether you are installing a pipeline underneath a body of water or building near the water, the success of your project depends on keeping your worksite dry.

Conventional Dewatering Methods

You may be relying on some of these more conventional methods that have been around for millennia:

  • Earthen dams
  • Sandbags
  • Sheet pile
  • Pumping

These methods have conventionally been relied on heavily to complete pipeline construction or repair projects requiring dewatering. While they have been successful for the most part, these methods do leave room for concern. Conventional methods have been known to be messy, with a negative impact on the environment. Many of them are often time-consuming to deploy, and cost-prohibitive – affecting your bottom line.

Quick and Efficient Dewatering for Pipeline Construction and Repair

Aqua Barrier® is different than any other dewatering solution on the market. It provides the fastest and most efficient dewatering solution for pipeline construction and repair. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Can Withstand High and Uneven Pressure
  • Eliminates the Need for Pumping or Sandbagging
  • Aqua Barrier® can be Installed in Less than 3 Hours
  • Comes in Various Sizes to Fit Any Size Project
  • Can be used on Slick Surfaces Using Steel Piping
  • Resistant to Cold Temperatures (See how the Frost Buster kept water inside of the barrier from freezing on this Minnesota pipeline repair)
  • And it’s Eco-Friendly!

Perhaps most importantly to project engineers and construction managers is the cost savings. This new dewatering solution has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on big construction projects. Savings come in both time and money which is crucial in the field of construction; a construction project using sheet piling costs over $41,000 versus less than $19,000 using the Aqua Barrier®. And when you’re finished, simply drain the barriers for quick removal.

Due to its versatility, many contractors choose to rent rather than purchase Aqua-Barriers® as different projects require different sizes.

Aqua Barrier® water-inflated cofferdams save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in project costs and lots of time in man-hours. It offers the fastest install and removal of any dewatering method on the market. Contact Us for more information on using a water-inflated temporary cofferdam for your next pipeline construction or repair project.

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