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Greater Flood Risk Requires Greater Protection

The recent Hurricane Ida is just a memory for some of us. For many others, it is the source of daily struggles through a long, ongoing recovery. It also doesn’t take a long look back to remember other devastating events like Hurricane Harvey, which flooded properties that had never before been underwater.


As average temperatures tick higher and climate becomes more unpredictable for all of us, the likelihood of flooding increases for everyone as well. In fact, changes in our climate now mean we need to change our definitions of 100-year and 500-year storms. According to recent research by Princeton University, we can now expect “100-year” floods every 1 to 30 years1. In other words, the likelihood of flooding is now 3.3 to as much as 100 times greater than our previous assumptions.


Even those away from the immediate coast are not immune to this increased chance of flooding. Inland flooding, that which is caused by heavy precipitation, overflowing lakes and rivers and other events, is also expected to increase. According to, as sea levels continue to rise, coastal storms that carry heavy rainfall inland will continue to become more frequent and more extreme, even without factoring in average temperature increases.2 Continued urban and suburban development also contribute to increased flooding virtually everywhere, as drainage systems and impervious surfaces can be quickly overwhelmed from rainfall runoff.


The effects of flooding aren’t hard to imagine, even for those who haven’t experienced it firsthand. In addition to the disruption of lives and astronomical cost involved in recovering from flooding, infrastructure is damaged and the economy is stalled. The ripple effects are limitless, potentially extending to lost lives, jobs, homes, businesses and more.


While taking proactive steps such as securing flood insurance is an essential strategy, adding flood protection to avoid flood damage and the long recovery process in the first place is an even better strategy. Here at HSI Services, we help business and commercial property owners protect their investments with solutions like Aqua-Barrier, a temporary dam that sets up quickly in the event of eminent flooding. Aqua-Barrier is environmentally safe and reusable, making it an investment that offers long-term peace of mind.


Making a plan in advance of severe weather events is also essential. If flooding is expected in your area, take steps to secure your property, such as setting up Aqua-Barrier, which can be readied in just a few hours. Secure doors, windows and exterior items that otherwise could become projectiles. In case of high wind that could damage windows, secure items indoors and remove currency and valuables. Relocate technology to a safe location so that you can set up a command center if needed. Most importantly, assist staff in evacuating to shelter. For a detailed flooding toolkit for businesses, visit


Almost everywhere, flooding is only getting more and more likely, but its long-term damaging effects don’t have to be a given. By taking steps to protect your commercial property and business, you can stand strong through the storm. To learn more about how Aqua-Barrier can help you protect your commercial property, give us a call at 1-800-245-0199 or email us at


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