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How Cofferdams Protect Coasts and Shorelines

Whenever the destructive storms strike coastal regions of the United States, not only are houses and businesses destroyed but there is always damage to the shorelines as well. Shoreline erosion happens every year. Throughout severe weather and tropical storms, the losses are higher. Entire areas of shorefront may vanish. With the expectation of more brutal storms along with the projection of ascending sea levels worldwide, shoreline protection turns critical. Naturally this calls for Temporary and permanent methods to save beachfront properties, homes and businesses.

Cofferdams and Shoreline Restoration

Shoreline protection or shoreline restoration projects tap into various methods, from developing permanent structures to dewatering areas so maintenance or construction occurs. A range of products, as well as methods, can fulfill these kinds of requirements. These products are typically temporary structures or long-term.

As a temporary structure, a cofferdam is built to keep water and/or soil away from the excavation wherein a structure is built. Such structures may be bridges or piers among other things used for Shoreline protection or shoreline restoration. Whenever construction takes place below the water level, a cofferdam is constructed to provide workers a dry work environment.

The term “cofferdam” originates from “coffer” which means box, put simply a dam shaped like a box.

Inflatable dams

Inflatable dams are cylinder-shaped rubber material positioned across channels, streams or dam crests to elevate the upstream water level whenever inflated. A covering of stainless steel mesh or ceramic chips may be inlayed in the exterior layer to reduce or protect against vandal deterioration.
They are utilized to route water for irrigation, temporarily raising active dams, flood control, and safeguard low-lying coastal sections from tidal flooding, and for sewage retention/separation throughout flood situations. Inflatable dams may be filled with water, air or both.

Aqua barrier

An aqua barrier is water inflated barrier. Being both portable and reusable, these temp dams are another popular method during construction. This product is designed to be a portable dam that is perfect for a multitude of different dewatering projects that you may be working on and is a more effective and environmentally safe alternative to sandbags.

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