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How Does a Commercial Flood Barrier Work?

You’ve probably heard about flood barriers, but you may still be questioning, “How does a flood barrier work? If your commercial property is in a flood-prone area, you should consider investing in a flood barrier to protect it against floods. However, using a flood barrier can be very tricky if you don’t know what it is and how it prevents flooding.

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Flooding is a common natural disaster in the United States. It can result from tropical storms or torrential downpours that raise water levels exponentially. Failing to install the best type of protection during flooding puts your property and occupants at risk. Consider installing a flood barrier for maximum protection.

What is a Commercial Flood Barrier?

A commercial flood barrier is a unique type of floodgate designed to prevent floodwater from entering a property. Also called storm surge barriers, flood barriers can be installed permanently on the water bank edges to create a flood wall. You may also install a few temporary barriers around your commercial property to provide further protection.

How They Prevent Flooding

High tides and storms can cause flooding, which can cause damages worth thousands of dollars in your commercial property. Flood barriers can protect commercial properties from floods by diverting water in another direction. So how does a flood barrier work?

  • Pump: Some commercial flood barriers have specially designed pumps that can transfer the flood water to a nearby reservoir or less populated areas.
  • Barricade: A flood barrier acts as a barricade that protects property from rising water levels. It stops the moving water from flowing from another side.

Inflatable Flood Barrier Installation

While there are many temporary flood barriers in the market, the Aqua Barrier inflatable dam is the most reliable resource for flood control. Its vinyl-coated polyester material offers flexibility to allow easy installation. You can repair the Aqua-Barrier and reuse it.

When installed correctly, the Aqua-Barrier offers maximum flood defense. To install the barrier, unroll and inflate it to a designated area. When the water levels begin to rise, its internal baffle system will lock into place to stop the floodwater.

Preparing Your Business for the Event of Flooding

How does a flood barrier work? Now that you understand how it works, you need to get ready for floods by installing the Aqua-Barrier inflatable dam around your commercial property. That way, you’ll stop the ravaging floodwaters from destroying your items.

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