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Why Choose Aqua-Barrier Inflatable Water Dams?

Flood control and managing water on construction sites is a major concern for many project managers. With all of the options on the market, however, choosing the right solution is essential to many worksites. Find out why Aqua-Barrier inflatable water dams continue to be a key player in numerous water management applications.

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Top Features of the Aqua-Barrier

Designed for various water depths, the Aqua-Barrier is an inflatable water dam that uses surrounding water to create a flood barrier. The industrial-grade vinyl-coated polyester material offers double-walled support, to guard against outside objects and maintain water capacity. From easy installation to proven reusability, the technology behind inflatable dams is unmatched. Discover why Aqua-Barrier is the best choice for your applications.

  1. Unlimited Water Sources
  2. Various Ownership Options
  3. Environmentally-Friendly

1) Unlimited Water Sources

Did you know that Aqua-Barriers can use any available water source? The engineered design of the fill ports allows versatility in a range of environments, including underwater construction areas and repair projects such as swimming pools or waterparks. Inflate your Aqua-Barrier by pumping water from nearby waterbeds or use a fire hydrant to fill it with water in less than 15 minutes (3ft x 50ft inflated size)!

2) Various Ownership Options

If you’re working on a temporary project or need prevention flood control for a long period of time, Aqua-Barrier offers two ownership options: renting or purchasing. Which method fits your current situation?

  • Rent
    • Best for short term construction projects
    • Get immediate Aqua-Barrier access
    • Use for a certain period of time
    • Save on investment cost
  • Purchase
    • Best for long term construction projects
    • Barriers can be moved in multiple locations
    • Design an Aqua-Barrier customized specially for you
    • Reuse for future projects

Pro Tip: With Aqua-Barrier’s range of applications, you can protect your property against nearby flood water with an inflatable water dam you can trust.

3) Environmentally-Friendly

Unlike traditional cofferdams that need disposal or require special equipment to transfer, Aqua-Barrier has the ultimate green advantage. Aqua-Barrier inflatable dams can be quickly installed and constructed without unnecessary digging or environmental disturbance. Using the EZ-Roller system, Aqua-Barriers can be easily rolled into a compact shape for storage or travel for future applications. In addition, the innovative design maintains nearby water levels, keeping plants and marine life healthy.

Your Water Control Solution

Have you been on the fence considering the Aqua-Barrier design? With a wide range of construction applications, the Aqua-Barrier has been a proven solution for diverting water for over 20 years. Equip your next project with cost-effective inflatable water dams you can trust.

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