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3 Dewatering Solutions for Boat Ramp Construction

Regardless if your boat ramp is for public or residential use, it’s critical to ensure that it’s being properly maintained. If your boat ramp is deteriorating, it could cause damage to boats and even injuries to passengers. Boat ramps must be built to withstand the elements and support the weight of various boat types and shapes. [bctt tweet=”Whether you are repairing a boat ramp or building a new one, one of your biggest challenges will be to keep the construction site dry. Here are three possible solutions.” username=”HSIServicesInc”]

What are the Best Dewatering Solutions for Boat Ramp Construction Projects?

Construction can be impossible if water is preventing you from accessing the boat ramp. That’s where dewatering the ramp area comes into play. People have been dewatering sites for construction for centuries. Here are some possible dewatering solutions for you to consider:

  1. Traditional Sandbags
  2. Conventional Cofferdams
  3. Aqua Barrier® Inflatable Water Dams

1) Traditional Sandbags

Sandbags have been traditionally used in construction projects for years. However, transporting them to the site can be pretty difficult. You either have to transport the heavy sandbags or fill them on site. After that process is complete, you’ll need to strategically place them around the boat ramp. Once you’ve finished, there is still the possibility of water leaking through the cracks. While sandbags work in some applications, technology has advanced to provide better dewatering alternatives.

2) Conventional Cofferdams

Cofferdams are another dewatering solution that have been used throughout the centuries. They can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, sheet metal, concrete, and more. Traditional cofferdams require a holding tank to displace the water temporarily. Furthermore, installing and dismantling them takes manpower, time, and heavy equipment.

3) Aqua Barrier® Inflatable Water Dams

A cost-effective dewatering solution is the Aqua Barrier® inflatable dam. They require a much shorter installation time. (Typically, 3-5 times less time than conventional cofferdams.) Moreover, they don’t need a holding tank, because innovative technology allows them to inflate with water. Aqua barrier® inflatable water dams can be used in rocky areas without harming fish and wildlife. They provide a safe and eco-friendly solution for your dewatering needs.

Pro Tip: If you want to reduce the time it takes to dewater your boat construction site, consider the Aqua Barrier® solution.

Timely Boat Ramp Construction

Time is of the essence for construction projects. Every minute wasted is essentially money being wasted. If you’re looking to increase the efficiency and productivity of your project while reducing the amount of money spent on dewatering, then Aqua Barrier® is perfect for you.

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