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5 Causes of Flooding to Watch Out For

Most causes of flooding are natural and can be disastrous when you are unprepared. It is no doubt that many people have lost lives due to flooding. The first step to reducing the number of flood casualties is understanding the various causes of flooding.

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What are the main causes of flooding?

You’ve probably seen or heard about floods, which can happen almost anywhere. Floods tend to cover the land with a few inches of water but can be devastating when the water rises to cover the roof. If not controlled, flooding can cause death.

There are many different causes of flooding, and here are the prominent ones.

  1. Heavy Rainfall
  2. Overflowing Rivers
  3. Collapsed Dams
  4. Snowmelt
  5. Climate Change

1) Heavy Rainfall

Heavy rainfall can occur due to various weather conditions. A great example is tropical cyclones, which can transform into hurricanes and produce large amounts of rain that can cause flash floods and deaths. For instance, Hurricane Katrina, a tropical cyclone that hit the southeastern U.S. in 2005, caused a coastal flood and over 1,800 deaths.

2) Overflowing Rivers

Areas near rivers have a higher flood risk during an overflow. If you live in such a place, you need to protect your property against a river flood. You can build a string of dams and manage it properly. However, installing an Aqua-Barrier inflatable water dam is the simplest and affordable way to protect your property from flooding.

3) Collapsed Dams

Dams are designed to hold water upstream. If the dams begin to collapse, they will discharge more water downstream, resulting in flooding. That can cause more problems for people living in the low-lying areas around the dams. It may also result in deaths.

4) Snowmelt

Much of the springtime streamflow or runoff in rivers is accountable for melting snow or ice in colder climates. When there’s heavy precipitation, flooding will most likely occur during the subsequent warm seasons. Snowpack will begin to melt and release water.

5) Climate Change

Uncontrolled human activities can contribute to climatic changes, which are responsible for flooding in most regions. Through extensive deforestation, the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide levels will increase, causing climatic changes attributable to flooding risks.

Knowing the Different Types of Floods

There are many causes of flooding, a natural disaster that can cause property damages and loss of lives. If you live in a flood plain, create a flood preparedness plan to ensure your safety during floods. Invest in accessories that can help you protect your property against floods. For example, you can install the Aqua-Barrier around the property.

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