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Hydro-Anchors: Let Water Do the Work

Hydro-Anchors: Let Water Do the Work

Our Hydro-Anchors™ are temporary water-inflated anchors that have a variety of uses and come in a variety of sizes, depending on what job needs to be done and what your needs are.

We have smaller Hydro-Anchors™ that are perfect for securing tents and other items that need to be tied down on a surface where stakes cannot be used, like asphalt or cement. They are more attractive than other options like cement cans or water barrels, and are easy to use. Simply fill with water via a fill port the size of a standard water hose (larger fill ports are also available if needed) and secure the tie-down end to the cleat attachment on the anchor. When they are no longer needed, the anchors can be drained, folded and stored for reuse quickly and easily, significantly reducing tear-down time, not to mention hassle. These Hydro-Anchors™ come in 2 standard sizes that fit most needs: we have a 3×3 Hydro-Anchor™ that has a filled weight of 300 pounds and a 1×5 Hydro-Anchor™ with filled weight of 650 pounds. Both sizes come in a variety of colors.

We also have larger Hydro-Anchors™ for bigger jobs. We have some that are designed for use as ballast weights, as well as some that can be used for load testing at work sites. These temporary water-inflated anchors allow you to let water do the work and are more eco-friendly than some other types of anchors and weights.

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