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How To Reduce Flooding to 1 in 4,000 Years

Flooding has become a word that strikes fear and anxiousness in the Gulf Coast community. We only have to jog our memory to a few months ago as we witnessed some of the worst flooding in Texas that we have seen in decades. What if someone told you that the risk of coastal flooding could be reduced to 1 in 4,000 years? We can take a lesson from The Netherlands, because they are doing just that.


Delta Works


Delta Works is a series of constructed water barriers built in 1953 after the North Sea Flood in The Netherlands, England, and Belgium. The flood had devastating effects in all three countries, including thousands of lives lost and acres of farmland destroyed. According to Water Technology, “The general idea was to shorten the coastline and convert them into fresh water lakes. Delta Works is comprised of 10,250 miles of dikes and approximately 300 structures.”


Project Framework

“The project comprised of laying 13 dams, including barriers, sluices, locks, dikes and levees, to reduce the Dutch coastline’s size and protect the areas within and around the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta from North Sea floods. The project was finally completed in 1997, at a cost of $5bn” Water Technology

The Benefits of Delta Works

It is often called “The 7th Wonder of the Modern World.” by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Since it’s completion in 1997, the Delta Works project has had numerous benefits:

  • Reduced the coastline, lowering the use of dikes
  • Helped drain frequently flooded low areas
  • Provided potable water and fresh water for irrigation
  • Improved travel and trade acting as bridges
  • Generated employment and increased economy as the recreational facilities in the area increased.


What This Means for Texas


In Early September, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, stated that along with the U.S. Army Corps, the Texas government will be highly focused on projects to reduce and limit flooding and storm surge damage. Research has been developing since 2013 to find efficient flood control measures. In these research efforts, the state sent a delegation to the Netherlands to tour and study the Delta Works project to learn and bring back successful strategies to the Texas coast.


There is an air of urgency to get these developments going, especially since our Winter looks to be one of heavy rain as a result from this year’s El Nino. Hydrological Solutions is dedicated to providing flood and water control measures to help protect commercial and residential property. Contact Us today to learn more.



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