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Hydrological Solutions to Exhibit at the Florida Pipeline Association Summer Symposium

FEPA Hydrological Solutions is proud to announce our participation in The Florida Energy Pipeline Association. The FEPA hosts this unique symposium which features an agenda that provides attendees with excellent opportunities to learn, network, acquire new contacts and stay informed about the latest industry trends.

Established in 1989, the FEPA provides useful information and education to members regarding the activities and actions of local, state and federal legislative and regulatory agencies and other relevant groups. concerning pipeline safety and efficiency within the state of Florida.


This will be Hydrological Solutions’ second year attending the conference. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with pipeline companies and owners in person. Our exhibition will bring more awareness of our products and hopefully new contacts.

We will be showcasing our Aqua-Barrier cofferdams at our exhibition. Aqua-Barrier cofferdams are an excellent solution to dewatering work sites for pipeline construction. Their quick and easy installation allows for construction to resume in a timely manner.

The symposium will be held on August 12th-14th. Darren Miller, Hydrological Solutions’ President, will be presenting on August 12-13th.

Contact Us for more information, hope to see you all there!


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