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Conserve Water During Water Park Construction

Endless, hot summer days are right around the corner. For many, that means spending most days outside near a cool pool. Water parks are a favorite destination for many families because of the fun and exercise provided for kids. Adults also enjoy the rush of adrenaline from riding down giant slides, or the calming relaxation provided while floating in the lazy river.

If you have repairs scheduled on play structures before the summer opening date, or are in the design and build phase of a new water park attraction, you might think draining and wasting all of your pool water is the only option. However, there is a practical, water conserving solution. [bctt tweet=”Whether you’re planning construction on an outdoor or indoor waterpark, there are a number of ways to conserve water during repairs.” username=”HSIServicesInc”]

Water Storage

Traditional cofferdams and retention pools take a considerable amount of time to deploy. Considering it’s already springtime, you need to finish construction as quickly as possible. If you need repairs done on time and on a budget, Aqua Barrier® water storage is the answer for you.

Only Drain What’s Necessary

When you need a new pool lining or to upgrade the filtration system, you won’t have to waste gallons of water by draining it from your lazy river or wave pool. Instead, use the Aqua-Barrier® cofferdam to temporarily hold the pool water in the other section of the pool.

Pro Tip: An Aqua-Barrier® allows you to reach the area that needs to be repaired during water park construction without losing all of the water.

How Aqua Barrier® Works

We offer two solutions for water park construction– the Aqua Barrier® Water Storage and the Aqua Barrier® Cofferdam. The state of the art dewatering solutions are made from a heavy-duty vinyl that’s designed to contain immense amounts of water.

When used in conjunction, they provide a water conserving solution for water park management. The Aqua Barrier® Cofferdam inflates with the very water in your pool while creating an airtight seal, preventing any other water from leaking through to your construction area while the Aqua Barrier® Water Storage holds any additional water.

Reduce your Water Waste

Water is a valuable resource that should be saved and reused whenever possible. Many people don’t realize that there is a quick and easy solution to saving water during water park construction.

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