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Mississippi Flooding- Be Prepared with WIPP®

Record rainfall has caused torrential downpour on regions around the Mississippi River in December, and will continue to fall throughout parts of January. The river and its tributaries were brought to record high levels resulting in deadly floods in some Missouri communities. This week is expected to bring more dangerous flooding in towns across Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi.

How do you prepare for the worst?

Hydrological Solutions is familiar with flooding because we are the water experts. We provide customers with peace of mind by using our innovative flood barrier–the Water Inflated Property Protector or WIPP®.

What’s a WIPP®?

It’s an inflatable and environmentally safe product made from polyester coated vinyl between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride. It’s placed around the premises of your home or business to guard incoming water. The unique use of fabrics allows them to be easily repaired, and used in wet or dry conditions. The barrier is reusable and compact, which makes it easy to be stored and transported. The special blend of materials also makes the WIPP® customizable in various sizes to fit your specific needs.

Why Should I use a WIPP® to Prevent Flooding?

It’s the best flood barrier on the market and is guaranteed to prevent excessive damage to your home. Some residents in Missouri communities along the Mississippi River have returned to a home left in shambles–or even worse, nothing at all. Don’t let these disasters ruin the place you live. The WIPP® is a preventative measure that can keep your valuables safe, and give you peace of mind during an already difficult time.

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