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Using WIPP® to Keep Snowmelt Flooding from Endangering Major Roads

If you live up north, you’re likely getting started preparing for the winter snow. Frosted streets and lawns add to the magic of the holiday season, but they also present potential hazards and danger. Icy roads and deep snow can make travel difficult and getting anything done outside can be next to impossible. Another hazard you may not be thinking about yet is what happens when all the snow begins to melt.

Snowmelt Flooding: Causes

As winter begins to fade and the temperatures begin to rise again, snowmelt flooding is a very common threat. In the months approaching Spring, the ice and snow turn to water. However, the ground is hardened and unable to absorb the volume of water it produces. The melted ice and snow begin to flow back into natural water sources such as streams, rivers, and lakes. However, the excess overflows into roadways and threatens residential and commercial locations.

Protecting Major Roadways

Snowmelt is inevitable and major roadways are not immune to the impending flood waters, making travel difficult and dangerous. Utilizing a proper flood barrier system, such as an inflatable bladder dam can keep the flood waters away from the roads. Inflatable bladder dams can be lined up on either side of the road in problem areas, effectively keeping the roads free of flooding and safe for travelers.

The WIPP® Inflatable Bladder Dam

The Water Inflated Property Protector or WIPP® System from Hydrological Solutions is designed to hold floodwaters away from property, worksites, and even roads. Made from industrial grade vinyl-coated polyester laminated between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride, this flood barrier comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate most situations.

The WIPP® is easy to install and inflate using water available on site and it’s also environmentally friendly. Unlike sandbags, hazmat procedures are not required for disposal. Simply deflate the bladder dams, roll them up, and store them for the next flooding event.

Prepare Now for Safer Roads after Winter

Flooded roads from snowmelt waters are a common hazard in the latter months of winter. Preparing now is safer, better, and nowhere near as stressful as waiting until the last minute. Anticipate snowmelt flooding by deploying the WIPP® System in problem areas on major roads before the snow begins to melt. Make sure you have adequate WIPP® flood barriers on hand now so you can rest easy this winter.

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