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Hurricane Preparedness for Construction Sites

Proper planning is the basis of hurricane preparedness for construction sites. Buildings under construction are at high risk of catastrophic damage during hurricanes. So, planning can make a significant difference in how construction sites can withstand a storm. This guide explores the tips and strategies to help you prepare for hurricanes.

When handling a construction project, you have to ensure that everyone is safe. Also, you must keep the worksite dry to maintain its integrity. Prior preparations increase safety for the project, its personnel, and the nearby community. Also, a proactive approach may save time and reduce expenses.

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Here are various hurricane plans to lessen damages in your construction project.

Make A Plan

Contractors should always instruct their team on hurricane safety plans before the hurricane season begins. The plan must outline the exact steps the contractor will take to secure the project site during an occasion of a storm.

Secure All Your Materials

Store any portable equipment indoors before the storm hits. Apparatus that are hard to store should be tied to prevent them from storm damage. Also, remove building debris from the site that can easily blow away in strong winds.

Ensure the Structure is Safe

After securing materials outside the working area, you need to protect the structure. Whether working on repairs or building a new facility, water can destroy the interiors. Board the windows and doors, place Aqua-Barriers around the edge of the structure, and cover any huge openings.

Plan for Water Removal

It is essential to plan how to remove standing water during a hurricane storm. So place water pumps in basements or excavations before the storm to enable ample and hasty water pumping. Elimination of excess moisture is not only crucial for project cleaning but also protects the neighboring buildings. Eject the water on the location’s drainage system or hire a tanker truck to tow it away from the site.

Stay Safe

While it is hard to control natural disasters, it is easy to work on how to get ready for them. Don’t be caught off-guard without a practical hurricane preparedness for construction sites strategy. By working closely with your team, communicating with workers, organizing the construction site, and observing safety as the number one priority, you are as ready as possible.

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